Abundant Life

Abundant Life Cover

What does it mean to be a more Christ-like Church for the sake of God’s world? Abundant Life looks at one of the most powerful stories in the Gospels, the raising of Lazarus. It’s a story that reveals Jesus as contemplative, compassionate and courageous.

Written by the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford, Abundant Life can be used by individuals or small groups. You don’t need to be part of a small group to engage with the material and the booklet is also suitable for those living and worshipping in other dioceses.

A reflection is offered for each on 18 days (six on each theme of contemplative, compassionate and courageous). There are prayers and reflections for each seventh day, ending with a question, a thought or a prayer to take into the day with you.

Reading the Lazarus story over three weeks may well be something you fit into an existing daily schedule of prayer and Bible reading. You may want to use Abundant Life to begin a daily time of prayer and study for the first time.

Abundant Life is a 44 page booklet. It can be read standalone or together with the Beatitudes Study Guide, also written by Bishop Steven. A web link in the booklet provides accompanying multimedia resources.

Offered by the Diocese of Oxford in time for Lent, we envisage many people will use Abundant Life as part of their Lenten reading, but the sessions aren’t dated and the material can be used at any time of the year.

A companion book for children and families is also available from GodVenture. Have fun exploring the story of Lazarus together as you explore the Bible passages and take the Dwelling in the Story Challenge!