From the first line of the creed, we place our faith in God. But God is more than just our maker. Come and see it for yourself.

Prayer for the Nation

As the UK's Covid-19 death toll sadly reaches 100,000 people, Bishop Steven encourages listeners to join a Prayer for the Nation.

Intergenerational Fairness and Provision Committee report

The Rt Revd Steven Croft's speech in the House of Lords on Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness, from 25 January.

What Are You Looking For? Come and See…

Over the course of the pandemic, many people have been asking questions about faith. In fact, one in five people in our online congregation were not regular worshippers before COVID. So now we want to invite everyone who is searching for…

Christmas Day sermon

We bear witness to the truth that Christmas has not been cancelled - to the profound truth that God became a human person for our sake.

Calling all children – Bishop Steven needs you!

This is a message for all the children in the Diocese of Oxford - Bishop Steven needs your help to make people smile this Christmas.

You Shall Go Out With Joy

As we reflect on Isaiah 55, the verses offer a powerful invitation for weary souls: come. But our prophet turns this into a deeper invitation.

Lamb of God

How are we to hear the words of Isaiah afresh today as we walk through the pandemic, and as we re-assess our lives?

Gavin Collins

The Queen has approved the appointment of Gavin Collins as the next Bishop of Dorchester. Meet Gavin in this special edition of Bishop Steven's podcast.

A response to overseas aid cuts

An open letter to MPs within the Diocese of Oxford regarding the announcement of cuts to Britain's overseas aid budget.