We bear witness to the truth that Christmas has not been cancelled – to the profound truth that God became a human person for our sake.

Calling all children – Bishop Steven needs you!

This is a message for all the children in the Diocese of Oxford - Bishop Steven needs your help to make people smile this Christmas.

You Shall Go Out With Joy

As we reflect on Isaiah 55, the verses offer a powerful invitation for weary souls: come. But our prophet turns this into a deeper invitation.

Lamb of God

How are we to hear the words of Isaiah afresh today as we walk through the pandemic, and as we re-assess our lives?

Gavin Collins

The Queen has approved the appointment of Gavin Collins as the next Bishop of Dorchester. Meet Gavin in this special edition of Bishop Steven's podcast.

A response to overseas aid cuts

An open letter to MPs within the Diocese of Oxford regarding the announcement of cuts to Britain's overseas aid budget.

A word for the weary

The next three months or so may well be the hardest of the COVID journey - how can we find the resources to give strength to our communities when we are already tired and worn down?

Will you come and follow me?

Welcome to Episode 6 of this podcast series, Comfortable Words. We’re exploring part of the Book of Isaiah: chapters 40-55, the songs of an unnamed prophet who sings at the end of the exile to call God’s people home.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you

The experience of death for human beings is universal. We will, all of us, pass through this river. There is no way around it. So what elements are important in preparing the dying for their death, and why is that a key part of the ministry of a priest? The Bishop of Oxford offers five themes to reflect on in our preparation for death and for dying.