When all around us is in chaos, coming back to the Father can help us recover a sense of identity. But what’s the next step on our journey?

Humility and gentleness

A Presidential Address to the Oxford Diocesan Synod, September 2020 It’s very good to regather virtually after the summer and to begin what I guess will be a season of regathering in a thousand different places as we begin to rebuild together…

Rule of life

https://vimeo.com/450174772 I hope and trust you’ve had a break in August and that you are coming back refreshed to school or work or ministry – whatever your calling may be. Today’s readings seem really appropriate as we begin a…

Nothing but five loaves and two fish

What’s your favourite story in the gospels? It’s a question I like to ask when I visit churches for informal meetings. Time and again, over the years, the story that comes to the top of the list is today’s bible reading: the feeding of…

Rejoice in the Lord always

In the final episode of this series, Bishop Steven Croft explores how to live out Paul's extraordinary command to rejoice in the Lord always.

Finding strength from the centre

We come to Chapter 3 of Philippians and Paul takes us deeper still in this lockdown journey...

How to face enormous problems

The Church in Philippi is a fearful and anxious church. Paul does everything he can in his letter to calm this anxiety but he offers them something much more important than an answer...

Living is Christ and dying is gain

Almost two thousand years ago, a man we know as Paul sat down in his prison cell and wrote a short letter to his friends in a place called Philippi.

The River of Life

The Church will have returned to Ezekiel’s words countless times following war or disaster or famine or plague. We need to listen to the prophet’s vision today.

A More Christ-like Church

We’ve come to a particular place now in our journey through COVID-19. Restrictions are easing but the journey of recovery will be slower than our journey into lockdown.