A Sermon for the Service of Memorial and Thanksgiving for the late Queen Elizabeth.

Comfortable Words

Through nine reflections, Steven Croft examines the ‘comfortable words’ of Isaiah 40-55, the song of an unnamed prophet.

The Lamb of God: Episode 1 – The Cup

Bishop Steven begins a series of reflections on the story of Jesus' passion, as told in the Gospel of John.

The Lamb of God: Episode 2 – The Courtyard

Bishop Steven continues to reflect on the story of Jesus' passion, looking at how his light shines in the darkness.

The Lamb of God: Episode 3 – The Custom

Bishop Steven encourages listeners to relate to the characters in the story - both the powerful and the powerless.
Jesus wearing crown of thorns

The Lamb of God: Episode 4 – The Crown

On Palm Sunday, Jesus makes a profound statement of who he claims to be. Then he takes this claim to kingship and turns it inside out.
Crucifixion and sunlight

The Lamb of God: Episode 5 – The Cross

Bishop Steven brings us to the centre of the story as we travel with Jesus to the cross and to his battle with death.
Relief carving of Jesus

The Lamb of God: Episode 6 – The Cave

We end these reflections with much to think about, but hopefully with anticipation. The story is told but is not yet complete.
Bishop Steven preaches from the pulpit of Christ Church Cathedral

Chrism Mass sermon

An address from the Bishop of Oxford for the Chrism Mass service, delivered at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

Come and Eat

Bishop Steven Croft looks forward to the signs of hope in the next few months and shares a fresh invitation to come and eat.