A Sermon for the Service of Memorial and Thanksgiving for the late Queen Elizabeth.

Do not be afraid

Fear is our unwelcome and sometimes unacknowledged companion in most situations of crisis and in many different parts of our lives. Look back over the last six months and reflect for a moment. What part has fear played in your own life and your life’s journey?

Loving our neighbours online

Bishop Steven urges the government to consider implementing a Code of Practice for both Hate Crime and wider legal harms.

The Church and the forgiveness of sins

Bishop Steven shares his thoughts on the final lines of the Creed in the last in the Come and See series for the Diocese of Oxford.

I believe in the Holy Spirit

How do we experience the Holy Spirit at work in our lives? The fourth in the Come and See series from Bishop Steven.

He was crucified, died and rose again…

In the third of the Come and See series, Bishop Steven explores the third part of the Creed - 'He was crucified, died and rose again.'

I believe in Jesus Christ

When all around us is in chaos, coming back to the Father can help us recover a sense of identity. But what’s the next step on our journey?

I believe in God, Father Almighty

From the first line of the creed, we place our faith in God. But God is more than just our maker. Come and see it for yourself.

Prayer for the Nation

As the UK's Covid-19 death toll sadly reaches 100,000 people, Bishop Steven encourages listeners to join a Prayer for the Nation.

Intergenerational Fairness and Provision Committee report

The Rt Revd Steven Croft's speech in the House of Lords on Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness, from 25 January.