We bear witness to the truth that Christmas has not been cancelled – to the profound truth that God became a human person for our sake.

Bishop Colin standing by a gateSteven Buckley

On leadership

Bishop Colin gave the following sermon during a Church at Home live stream earlier this week. Leadership and its different styles have been very much in the media over the past few weeks. The question, ‘Who is in charge?’ when…

Come and See (Episode 1) – The Cup

In episode 1 We begin with the betrayal and arrest of Jesus.

Come and See (Episode 2) – The Courtyard

The story of Jesus passion takes place in the darkness and the cold of the night.

Come and See (Episode 3) – The Custom

The Evangelists invite us to place ourselves in the story through the characters who come and go.
Jesus wearing crown of thorns

Come and See (Episode 4) – The Crown

The theme of kingship runs through John’s story of the passion.
Crucifixion and sunlight

Come and See (Episode 5) – The Cross

We have journeyed from the garden to the courtyard to the pavement of Pilate and now we travel with Jesus to the cross.
Relief carving of Jesus

Come and See (Episode 6) – The Cave

The final part of our story and the final part of our devotion this Good Friday must look forward.

Palm Sunday 2020 reflection

Bishop Steven gave the following sermon during the Church at Home live stream on Palm Sunday. The picture is one of many DIYcross pictures sent in to our Facebook page. Our thanks to everyone who contributed an image. Love and prayers…

The stilling of the storm

The stilling of the storm Seven days ago, Pope Francis began his address to the city of Rome and the world with these words: “Like the disciples in the Gospel we were caught off guard by an unexpected, turbulent storm. We have realised that…